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May. 31st, 2008

Today my brother Yohji arrived!

I haven't seen Yohji for over a year, he's always been busy with his job as a stylist, travelling the world making pretty people look even prettier.
Nana doesn't know he's here yet, I only met him today but it seems he's been here since almost a week! He said he hung out with Olga and Pauline and a little girl named Twiggy in the bottom part of our home. I am not too familiar with all the people around here, I rather stick to my family and friends...

By the way, here is a photo of Yohji:


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Tooru (and me)!

Two days ago was our birthday, we came here 10 days after Kazuya did. Yun says it was a very exciting month, as it was the first time for her to receive so many dolls at once. (Then there was a long break until Hisashi came). Meanwhile there are so many new faces around here, so many nice new people to meet! I'm slacking to meet and welcome each and everyone of them and Yun said there'll be many, many more joining in August when she comes back from that place in Asia... I forgot what it was called, I think Singapore?
I hear Ren will be going with her - oh wait, was this supposed to be kept a secret?
I would love to go too, I've never been abroad, only to Ryu's house and outside in the garden.

Speaking of Ryu, I am quite upset he forgot about my birthday. :(
I remembered his birthday, it's one day after mine!


Today I got a new body.

Yun bought me a new body a while ago and today she attached it to me. She said she wasn't happy with how weird the neck part looked and that she didn't want to Obitsu any of us Dals, but she felt sorry for my floppy body, which is why I got this one. This Obitsu is floppy too, but Yun said if I was to be floppy, I should at least have a more flexible floppy body. I agree!
With this body I can also stand on my own, I don't need to wear chunky shoes or anything, it's great! I must show the other Dals later on, they will be soooo jealous!!


Another year older...

Hi LJ...

I've been here for almost a year, on May 5 is my birthday and also the day I moved in here. I can still remember the moment I stepped out of the box, the memory seems to fresh, it's like yesterday...
I was stuck in this plastic prison and was rescued by a beautiful girl... But no, he is not a girl! How can he be beautiful? How can he be so... attractive? I've gotten used to the fact that he is no girl and that I still like and want him, but yet...

It's always been so easy to win over those fan girls, I could have any girl I wanted at the wink of an eye! (If Tooru didn't snatch them before me) I never had trouble talking to girls or guys (even though I wasn't attracted to the guys), but with him it's so difficult. What's the difference anyway? He does seem to like me, not like-like me, but like me as a musician, that's what all those girls liked me for, right? Then way can't I just talk to him like I did with those girls? Why can't I just take him and forget about it?
I've been here for almost a year and all that's happened between the two of us was just some casual talking!

For my birthday I wish we'd be able to celebrate, just the two of us. But I think he'd find that rather awkward...
Hiya LJ!!

Today Yun said "talking to you is like talking to a piece of bread", of course she wasn't referring to me, since talking to me isn't like talking to a piece of bread! She was referring to an annoying girl in her atelier, the way it sounds this girl must be really stupid. Yun also said, she felt how her brains were melting while she was trying to discuss a matter with this girl, she said something like "There are people who always want to be right, even though they know they're wrong!"
I asked her how talking to a bread was like, since a bread doesn't talk and she simply said: "A bread is actually smarter than that girl and at least I can eat it when I'm done talking or get too annoyed." I'm not sure if I understood what she meant...

Yun's teacher was also very pleased with the red shoes she drew and Yun was blushing when she complimented her over and over again! I don't feel comfortable either when people compliment me. I read so many people wrote how cute and pretty I am, but honestly, I don't look any better than the other girls around here! I don't care, I'm not after boys anyway. (There aren't enough of them for all of us, so why bother?)

Kazuya's birthday is coming up on May 5 and Pauline asked me if I'd like to help her bake a birthday cake, I'd rather help to eat it!
Oh, and Yoshino's and Tooru's birthdays are coming up too! On May 15. And there is Ryu's birthday on the 16th... So many birthdays, all the cake I'll get to eat!!
Yun said they'd been getting a lot of cake at the atelier too, I want to go!! (For birthdays the person who had birthday before has to bring a cake for the class, she said). I also heard her classmates at the atelier asked if she could bring one of us along, I really, really want to go, but Yun said it was too dangerous for us to go... :(


My little sister?

 Hello LJ! *waves*

Last week, Yun had something called exams and she said if she passed them, she'd invite my little sister to come and live with us. Today she got her exam results, those people are so fast! I took a peek, because I was so~ curious to know if she had passed or not and I saw that she got a mark of 5.2! I remember she said that 6 was the best and highest mark you can get. I am very happy and also proud of her, she is working so hard to afford things to make us happy!

I wonder if she will really get in contact with my little sister, I haven't seen her for a long time... I lost her when I was in Japan and was forced to live with someone who then dumped me off at Mandarake. Don't get me wrong, I am glad to be here, even thought it's not luxurious it is okay. But I would really like to see my sister again. From what I've heard she went back to France and then travelled to the US, but that's where I lost track of her, I hope Yun can find her...




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